Track your vehicle in real time

Real time position on Google Maps

Street level details
POI management
Fast check on your car status. Find your vehicle in seconds.
No limit for data transmission.
Check your status: engine on/off, moving, idle or parked.
View speed, direction and time.
Share your position on email & social media.

Review your journey report

Automatically generated based on your activity

Timeline view. Start and Stop locations.
Snail trails displayed on the map.
Mileage and time data.
Fuel consumption data.
POIs and driving score.



Geofence alerts

Real time notification

Get peace of mind
Design multi-poligon geofence
Trigger alerts based on vehicle location

Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Important data for insurance companies.

Mileage on highway, urban and suburban roads.
Driving hours during daytime and by night.
Road incidents and driver behavior.
Leverage your driving profile!
Get your best insurance quotation!



Vehicle attributes

Store important data of your car

VIN, maker, model,
plate number, consumption,
odometer, expirations.

Insert all maintenance data
and get useful alerts!

Driver behavior

Monitor your driving style

Check your score based on your behavior
and share it with your buddies.
Records of mileage, speed, consumption
and driving hours.